To a mentor

by Jovan Villareal

This morning, I woke up to some terrible news. My benefactor and mentor who hugely shaped my view on life, work, and many other things, has passed away.

I’ve never met someone as equally impressive, smart and grounded as him.

It is not that common at this stage of our careers to have professors who shape our intellect, interest, and life in general. But my mentor did that.

While we were originally brought together for academic purposes, I soon began to learn from his views and perspectives and his wealth of knowledge. That will always be fundamental for my understanding of the world.

I hope that everyone, when such people cross their paths, never take people like my mentor for granted. I certainly never did, and never will.

“You carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”

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Remembering Doctor Bruce
by: Austin

Whenever I got into trouble, which was a lot in our earlier years, he would call me into the office and say "You really need to go to church!"

Are you happy now?

Doctor Bruce always supported me, and gave me awesome advice. I remember being scared to death to go on stage in front of a huge crowd. He sensed it and gave me 3 rules to use:

1. Wear the highest heel boots you have. Women do it all the time and he gave me this pair!

2. Wear dark colors so the light doesn't bounce off you. YOU are the center of attention!

3. Finally, have AT LEAST 2 cocktails before you go up!

I was good to go at that event.

We could talk about anything. He never judged me. In fact he always had a better story about whatever particular situation I was in. We'd laugh, and then he'd give me more advice.

He taught me the in & outs of music programming. He always told me to go with your gut. You might miss sometimes, it might embarrass you. If it's not the right song and people are calling and giving you crap,always follow it with a George Strait Song and you'll be forgiven. I still do that to this day. And every new song I hear today I think of Dr. Bruce. What would he think?

He was a boss, a teacher, a mentor, and a confidant, and most of all a friend.He touched my life in so many ways and I'll carry his spirit until we meet again. So I leave you with this memory...

God sees the world through your eyes. Are you showing him a good time?

Thanks for the good times, and the eye jokes!

Wish you all the best.
by: Sengoai Teboho Jscob

It is really amazing to see that some people care enough to help other people on writing a speech. I wish you all the best and may God be with you for the rest of your life for helping others.

Many thanks Jovan
by: Susan

Thank you for adding your eulogy for your mentor.
They belong in a special category of their own: those people who inspire and teach us to strive to become the best of ourselves in all ways. We are blessed by their presence in our lives. Acknowledging their role in our personal development with gratitude keeps us grounded - for we know what we owe them!

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