Eulogy for my little sister, Suzy.

by Steve

Today is the saddest day of my life since we lost Joseph 18 years ago and before that our parents, Roy and Yolande. We knew Suzy's path was set many months ago when she told us that the chemo was not working and there was nothing left to do.

I am so full of grief and sorrow as I write this but I also know how lucky I am to have been Suzy's big brother!

What a joy she was to everyone she knew. The room lit up when she walked in because she loved life and wanted to have fun! She was irreverent and sassy; always wise cracking and pointing out secrets that embarrassed you so much, yet that was quickly forgotten by all. She knew how to get through tough times, as she proved in her battle with cancer.

I will miss her so much, as all of you will, but what great memories she left us with! What a life well lived, so full of love and joy! Each of us could go on and on about how she lifted us up when we were down and made fun of simple hardships.

We all know her accomplishments well as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother and grandmother. She was so in love with Perry and always credited him with taking such good care of her in her sickness. She was so very proud of Amanda and Kevin and Clark. What joy you brought to her each day, right up to her final one. She loved to tell me what little Clark was doing each day and what new things they had discovered when playing together.

Each one of us grieves Suzy's loss today, and I would expect our sadness to continue. It does not go away, as time passes it will fade but will never be forgotten. We are all so lucky to have known Suzy and our lives are richer and fuller because of her.

I love her so much, rest well my little sister!

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Thank you
by: Susan

Thank you Steve for sharing with us your love for your little sister Suzy.

There is such joy in your words! You are celebrating her life although lamenting her loss, and you do both with admirable grace.

I know what you've written will be truly helpful for others.

Kind regards,

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